10600 / 9300 nm CO2 Laser Beam Expander

The beam expander has two purposes: 

First is to expand the diameter of the laser beam;

Second is to reduce the divergence angle of the laser beam. 

The purpose in the laser part is to extend the diameter of the beam. Due to the smaller diameter of the laser beam produced by the laser generator, compared to a beam without the beam expander, the beam after the beam expander can be focused smaller. 

In laser marking machine, the beam expander is always used with flat scan lens, making the marking spot smaller more accurate marking.

There are two types to fix the beam expander, one is to use M22 threaded connection, another is to fix directly on the adjustment frame with screws.

The shape of the laser beam expander can be divided into two, one is straight type, the other is trumpet. 

In most cases, the shape won’t affect the performance, the same magnification beam expander lens installed in two shape are the same, you can replace each other.

The straight beam expander supplied by MASTER LASER, can be used to connect in two ways. the usual way is to use screws to place it in the frame slider. when the cap at one end of the beam expander is removed, you can use the threaded connection.

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